Why Innovan?

The Innovan slide-on camper and the Innovan XC off-road caravan are really quite different from anything else on the market. They both contain patented features which obviously set them apart. They are different because they are designed to overcome the shortcomings of other slide on campers, off-road camper trailers or off-road caravans that are in the marketplace.

It is probably fair to say that the Innovan XC off-road caravan sits somewhere between conventional camper trailers and conventional off-road caravans. It has the "go anywhere ability" of the camper trailer and the comfort and convenience of an off-road caravan. The ultimate off-road suspension with fingertip height adjustment, automatic camber adjustment, and vertically mounted heavy-duty shock absorbers, is just one of the things that set the Innovan off-road caravan apart from typical camper trailers. The lightness, strength, size, and easy towing characteristics, of the Innovan XC off-road caravan set it apart from the big and heavy off-road caravans.

Most slide on campers, glide-on campers, tray-top campers, or tray-on campers, as they are variously called usually fall into two categories. The first type has solid walls which extend above the tray to a height that will allow people to stand inside and are built out over the cab of the vehicle. They are subject to wind battering from passing vehicles and of course, because of their height, are restricted in the places that they can go. Air resistance increases fuel costs.

The second type of slide-on camper is essentially a box with a "lid". The "lid" can either be raised and the walls become canvas or some similar material or alternatively the "lid" is made to flip over and a tentlike structure is erected on top. Canvas does not provide a secure enclosure and its shortcomings become obvious when it is hot, or cold, or wet, or windy. The complexities of setting up this type of camper are usually such that they are only set up for extended stays of at least one night.

The usual materials used to construct slide-on campers, camper trailers, or off-road caravans are thin metal sheeting, with very poor insulating properties, attached to a frame. The frame can be steel which is heavy and prone to rust, welded aluminium which is prone to cracking because of metal fatigue, or wood which has little integral strength and is prone to rot. The fixing method is sometimes pop rivets which are prone to disintegration on rough roads.

Whether you plan an adventure to the Kimberley coast, the tip of Cape York, the desert tracks of the Red Centre, or to the wilderness areas of Tasmania, Innovan has the camper or caravan that can make your adventure a really pleasurable experience. More importantly, Innovan has a unit tough enough for it to be brought back in one piece, ready for the next adventure.

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