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"Whether you are planning an adventure to the Kimberley coast, the tip of Cape York, the desert tracks of the Red Centre, or to the wilderness areas of Tasmania, innovan has the camper or caravan that can make your adventure a truly pleasurable experience. More importantly, innovan has a unit tough enough for it to be brought home in one piece, ready for the next adventure"

- Welby Davidson | Managing Director innovan -


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At innovan we believe that life is too short not to have adventures. We also believe that in this day and age, adventure does not need to be harsh and difficult experience! We believe good design, engineering and technology can let you have a little luxury anywhere anytime.

These beliefs reflect innovan's core purpose which is to manufacture caravans and campervan that allow you to adventure, explore the wild and experience the great outdoors whilst still enjoying the creature comforts of home.

We believe that we have achieved this and when you compare innovan XC Caravan and XS Campervans to our competitors you can see that the benefits provided are truly unique.

No one else delivers on innovan's promise of adventure, life and style. Below we have introduced just a few of the functions, features and advantages innovan has over our competitors.


Australian Style, Design and Rugged Engineering

The innovan lives up to its name. It innovatively integrates everything you could want fitted into an off-road capable campervan or caravan.

The innovan XC Caravan and XC Campervan are constructed from three major and integrally moulded advanced composite parts - the outter body or base, the internal furniture, and the roof canopy. The roof has a sandwich type construction of PVC honeycomb material between two layers of fibreglass. This provides excellent insulating properties as well as corrosion free strength and lightness.

The innovan's advanced design and engineering can only be delivered to market by combining highly-skilled composite manufacturers and craftsmen. It is critical to use skilled manufacturing craftsmen and composite engineers who as much share the same passion for the product as we do. This is why we are grateful to partneter with the manufacturing team at Penguin Composites.

The innovan's solid clam shell design construction allows for the caravan and slide on camper versions to bet set-up and folded down within 15-30 seconds. If you need to get something out of the van there is no extra headache or yoga moves needed to access the van. If you stop for a roadside rest it will take you longer to boil the kettle than to get into and out of the van.

On Road Manners

The innovan products are always ready to go and as keen to get on the open road or the next adventure as you are.

The XC Caravan's independent trailing arm self-cambering airbag suspension gives you a comfortable ride on any terrain, no matter how rough the road.

The Airbags also make it easy to level the van for sleeping or for cooking or even changing a wheel with a flat tyre. The innovan is probably the only caravan on the market where the GMV is almost twice the tare weight. The airbags allow the van to be at the required height no matter what the load. Steel springs on the other hand are optimised for one load only.

The aerodynamic design not only turns-heds with its good looks but it also benefits your hip pocket. The aerodynamic shape minimises air resistance and fuel consumption. In fact some of our innovan customers have reported better fuel mileage with the campervan attached than without!

The other unique function that the caravan's aerodynamic nose cone provides is an innate ability to deflect stones away from the vehicle. Travelling at speed small stones can turn into missiles, so it's reassuring to know the van deflects stones harmlessly away from the tow vehicle rather than bouncing them back onto the rear windows

The innovan products give you quick and easy access to the comforts of home, on the roadside within seconds. Whether it's a cup of tea or a cold drink, preparing a meal or a toilet comfort-stop in the privacy of your own home away of home. No more driving around doing laps of a town or campground trying to find a bathroom of questionable quality.

Off Road Capability

When the roof is pulled down, an automotive seal on the return at the bottom of the roof sits on a ledge protruding out from the base body. This prevents dust getting into the inside of the innovan in the same way that a door seal would prevent dust getting into your vehicle. When the roof is raised, another automotive seal which is fixed to the top of the base and furniture parts makes contact with the roof to prevent entry of insects, wind or rain.

Apart from offering a softer ride than steel springs the innovan's Airbag suspension also allow an incredible variation in height. Ground clearance can be increased to 550 mm to negotiate rutted tracks or obstacles in the path or for crossing flooded creeks or rivers. The Airbags also allow the caravan to be lowered when off road to navigate under branches or to enter low height storage areas.

After a long day on the road or busting through bull dust, there is nothing better than relaxing at your final destination. If your inner adventurer is seeking out an amazing desert sunset, outback scenery or a remote beach it is important to get set up fast and making the most of the view.

Innovan makes it extremely early for you with typical set up time of 15-30 seconds between arrival and relaxation.

Creature Comforts

Innovan's all composite and canvas free construction gives you a dry bed guaranteed all year round. Nothing is worse than trying to sleep in wet or damp bedding - especially after a long day on the road. It might only take one quick shower of rain to give you an unwanted waterfall feature in you sleeping quarters.

Canvas camping equipment and tarp fly arrangements are often fraught with issues. These canvas fabric shelter solutions often come undone in the middle of the night and end up flapping around and causing damage during the midnight storm.

The secure structural insulated and weather proof construction combined with high quality living quarters and bedding ensures you will get the same level of much need rest all year round. Avoiding the use of canvas means that the innovan camper and caravans provide a safe, secure, insulated, weather and dust proof living environment.

When the weather is bad you can cook and relax inside using the internal kitchen space, accessing the stove, sink and freezer as well as external annex and slide out kitchen cooking options.

Flexible and Smart Sleeping Quarters

The innovan gives you flexible sleeping arrangements depending on the trip that you are going on.

Going fishing with your friends - then you can set the bedding up to be two full size singles with a North and South orientation.

Long road trip with your partner - then easily switch the bedding back to a full queen size bed running across the van in an East, West orientation.

When not in use these innovative beds are raised into the roof cavity by air rams allowing fully access to the dining table, seats and living area. These smart beds make use of their lifting ram to allow access to internal cavity suit cases storage space that keeps your clothes neatly organised, easily accessed and crinkle free.

The innovan is flexible and works around your needs depending on the trip. Regardless of where you are going and who it is with the innovan gives the same safe, insulated, weather and dust proof living environment.

Tough, Rugged and Handsome

The innovan is proudly Australian made in Tasmania and made of tough stuff for our equally tough conditions. Our manufacturer in Tassie also makes emergency shelters for the Australian Antartic Division, so they are skilled at making vans and slide ons for our extreme and unforgiving conditions.

We call the innovan's construction expedition class, its integrally moulded using advanced composite materials technology. This design, engineering and constructions avoids the traditional use of the glues, screws and rivet fabrication techniques on top of a heavy corrosion based metal chasis. This means, innovan products withstand the relentless hammering abuse of thousands of kilometers of corrugated roads or the torturous twisting stress of genuine off-road terrain.


Everyone needs storage whether it's for squirreling away nick-knacks, your precious fishing lures or for your full range of pots and pans that you need to whip-up your chef-like creations.

You might want to use your massive storage areas in the camper trailer or caravan to stash away some canned goods - just in case your fishing trip doesn't do so well. Stock up on essentials at the grocery store, keeping them out of sight giving you peace of mind because you don't know how many kilometres it is to the next one.

If you need it the XC offers a generous 5500L of storage space allowing you to carry 800kgs of gear. Whether you use it for the essentials or for some luxuries, the space is there if you need it.

innovan R&D testing at Big Red

innovan R&D testing at Big Red

Somewhere nice, somewhere tropical...how can we get there?

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