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Penguin Composites

The team from Penguin Composites

innovan has been manufacturing products long enough now to understand what characteristics are required to manufacture caravans that can survive the rigours of an outdoor adventure lifestyle in Australia.

When innovan was first approached by Penguin Composites to become our manufacturing partner back in 2008, we were intrigued as to what these tough and rugged men from the North Tasmanian coast could bring to our business.

What we have found is a company with a long and proud history of developing and manufacturing products for the harshest environments. Their composite manufacturing experience includes Life Support Igloos for the Australian Antarctic Division, large heat shields for underground mining equipment and commercial fishing vessels built to handle the wild seas of Bass Strait.

Beyond this tough engineering streak, members of the Penguin team pride themselves on their high standards of craftsmanship, quality and finish. In the last decade innovan has engaged three different contract manufacturers to build our products because of constraints and issues which arose relating to capability, quantity or quality.  We are pleased to state that Penguin Composites has provided our customers with the best finished products innovan has ever offered to the market. 

Brad McCarthy - MAXTRAX | Dirty Weekends

Brad McCarthy is happy with the MAXTRAX lightweight vehicle recovery device.

innovan uses best practice new product development design processes as part of any R&D program.  

Good design of any new product development starts with the needs of the customer. Ideally your product should aim to exceed the performance needs of an expert or extreme user as well as the needs and capabilities of a novice adventurer.

Brad McCarthy is innovan’s expert and extreme user all rolled into one man.

For example in 2005 his feedback was critical in finalising the design refinements for the next generation range of innovan caravans following an extensive 11,000 km Queensland coast, Cape York, Red Centre round circuit expedition.  

His expedition experience, skills and knowledge of the harshest and most remote areas in Australia makes his feedback critical to our design and manufacturing process.

Apart from being the author of Dirty Weekends and Managing Director of MAXTRAX 4x4 recovery devices, Brad is also an inspirational character who has managed to make a living from his adventurous lifestyle.

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