Below we have curated and collated a range of videos that demonstrate the operation, features and functions of the innovan range. 

Please note that the XS Slide-on and XC Caravan share common components and are identical in operation and function when considering the following:

- unlocking and opening the canopy

- unlocking and lowering the stairs to open the innosheild awning 

- rear slide out kitchen, vanity shower and main door access

- all internal operations and functions

- side rear toilet storage door access 

The XC and XS differ in frontal nose cone and side door storage capacity and operation. The XC is generally lower to the ground as a result of not being mounted on the back of a utility. 

We hope you find these videos informative...enjoy! 

Loading the XS onto your vehicle

innovan - XC XS functions and features review 

PLEASE NOTE: Some functions and features have been upgraded or modified in specification since the above demonstration video was developed. Below are some examples of these improvements:

- The internal kitchen lift out MDF/Laminex cutting boards and storage covers have been either removed or replaced with hinged light weight composite FRP covers and board surfaces

- The stainless steel sink on the external slide out kitchen is no longer removable ensuring longevity and durability

- The external stairs have been significantly improved in construction and ease of use 

innovan in action

innovan XC Suspension - Australian innovation and engineering

innovan innovations - new linak canopy lift actuators