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innovan - innovative by name and nature! 

Rick Huckstepp (an experienced freelance writer and adventurer) recently approached innovan to write a review on behalf of and we naturally jumped at the chance to let him spend some time with the latest XC caravan.

Ricks experience shines through in this article with him picking up a negative associated with our old suspension chain shackles. We also had identified this negative as part of our last Cape York Expedition and we have since implemented a simple chain assembly upgrade to negate this concern on all XCs moving forward.

Thanks for the great review Rick! 

Caravan Camping Sale Review

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Hey Presto! 

At the start of September we had a great innovan review published in the new online Unsealed 4x4 Magazine. This magazine is excellent in content, beautiful in visual interaction and...amazingly free! 

Thanks to Matt and Dan from Unsealed and Paul from for some of the extra images required.

4x4 Review

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