When considering your selection criteria for a new caravan or camper van we would like you to think beyond just nuts and bolts, and 2 burner vs 3 burner component comparison lists.

To be honest all caravan manufacturers have access to the same component suppliers and it should be your default expectation that we can supply or install leading industry or popular components within our products.

innovan would like you to consider the larger and harder questions that all caravan manufacturers should respond to!

Let’s consider how a product facilitates an adventurous lifestyle in comfort, whilst providing security, catering ease, hygiene, usability, durability and reliability in extreme environments.

When you set out to develop a product that answers these hard questions and responds to these criteria you quickly realise how fundamentally different and innovative a van needs to be…

it needs to be an innovan

10 important questions we should consider...

1.0. Storage space - You are going on an adventure, can the van carry 800kgs of gear and does it have 5500L of storage space? 

2.0. Aerodynamic design - When travelling on the highway, does it have an aerodynamic shape to minimise air resistance and fuel consumption?

3.0. Ground clearance - Once you’re off the bitumen and in the rough stuff, does it provide 550mm of ground clearance and the ability to cope with extreme terrain when fully loaded? 

4.0. Stone deflection - Does the van deflect stones harmlessly away from the tow vehicle rather than bouncing them back onto the rear window? 

5.0. Seconds to setup - When you arrive at the day’s destination, can the van be set up and you be ready to relax within 15 seconds of your arrival?

6.0. Conveniently quick – During roadside stops do you have access in 15 seconds to a private toilet or the means of making a meal or providing a hot or cold drink.

7.0. All weather comfort - If the weather is foul, can the van provide internal kitchen space, and access to a stove, sink and freezer as well as external cooking options? 

8.0. No canvas - Does the construction of the van avoid the use of canvas and provide you with a safe, secure, insulated, weather and dust proof living environment?

9.0. Comfort and Choice in sleeping arrangements – Does this van provide you with the alternative of either a full size Queen bed or two separate Single beds? 

10.0. Expedition class construction - Is the van integrally moulded using advanced composite materials technology without the use of the traditional glues, screws and rivet fabrication techniques on top of a heavy metal chassis? Will it withstand the relentless hammering abuse of thousands of kilometres of corrugated roads or the torturous twisting stress of genuine off-road terrain? 

innovan does...innovan can!

To help you analyse what we feel are the important research and selection criteria we have compiled a research table. Feel free to click the button below and print off a copy of the table at your convenience.