brand new brand...or an update at least!

Neil coming back on board the innovan team, new product development initiatives and new factory efficiency initiatives at Penguin all signify a brand new phase for innovan. To reflect this we are excited to announce that we have a new brand...or an update at least!

Neil designed the old black and white logo in 2000 and now is time for a fresh new corporate image that reflects innovan's modern pursuit for adventure and authentic travel experiences while still providing life's little luxuries along the way.

We were looking for a fresh modern take on the new ideas, new frontiers mountain logo and we realised that the Innovan product itself embodies all the communication qualities we were looking there you go, the new logo is a stylised side view of the Innovan itself!
— Neil Davidson | innovan Design Manager

The side of the van has the canopy ram rebates and when this shape is translated to the logo it maintains the new ideas - new frontiers mountain theme of the old.

Then from the top of these mountains the rest of the vans form has been stylised into radiant colour blocks which represent the brands pursuit for innovation and sophistication. 

2000 - 2013 Logo                                                                                                       2014 Logo Update

2000 - 2013 Logo                                                                                                       2014 Logo Update

The other thing you will notice is that the tag line has been updated to caravans, campers and mobile shelter systems to reflect some new products currently in development.